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Common Types of Women’s Pants

Shopping for your new clothes can be a daunting task because there are various boutiques and beauty shops with multiple pairs of pants. If you have decided to buy the best pants, you need to identify your body shape to know the best pants that will suit you. In reality, understanding different types of pants will be easy to make the right purchasing decision. Here are various kinds of pants you need to know before going to the market.

Wide-Leg Pants

modeling pantsJust as the name suggests, wide-leg pants are wide enough to suit different types of women. In other words, slender and tall women will have no problem wearing these pants. On the other side, petite and full-figured women should avoid these pants.

It is crucial to understand that these pants are not designed to fit through the hips. If you happen to find a tightly fit wide-leg pant, it can create a slender and long profile. For example, if you are slim, you can consider shopping for a pick of high-waisted styles to offer your legs the appearance of length.

Cropped Pants

You can choose to wear cropped pants only when you know the right length of your body. For example, if you have large calves, you need to choose cropped pants with a hem that falls below your calf. On the other hand, it is advisable for those women with heavy legs to consider choosing ankle-length cropped pants. Also, petite women need to understand that cropped pants will cut the length of their legs, making them shorter. Therefore, they need to choose straight-leg cropped pants.

Boot Cut Pants

Another type of pants you need to include in your shopping list is boot-cut pants. They feature a traditional fit through the hips and waist. Ideally, these pants were designed to fit cowboy and work boots. But today, they designate a versatile pant style that any footwear can wear. For example, if you ha e a full figure, these pants will offer your legs a leaner and longer look.boot cut

Straight-Leg Pants

When you are not sure about the types of pants you need to buy, it is essential to consider including straight-leg pants. They are the best and ideal style for any body type. Once you wear them, they offer you a flattering look that creates a straight visual line along the leg. Also, most women consider buying them because they camouflage heavy thighs and wide hips, thus slimming your silhouette.